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I am a husband and dad to two wonderful sons.  I live each day to the fullest and live by the mantra Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat.  I enjoy working with clients one on one, in small groups, and with larger organizations to implement game changing habits for more energy, focus, abundance and time in their days.  

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Each and every day is a gift we receive.  To maximize that gift, the greatest thing you can do is to create a morning on FIRE!!!  

How you start your day is critical to your success personally and professionally.  

For that Reason I want to give you the first two chapters of my #1 Best Selling book - Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat - Ignite Your Morning Fire and receive our weekly newsletter!   

Evan Carmichael

2.9 Million YouTube Subscribers

"Successful people get into state quickly"

John Lee Dumas from EOFire

1 Million monthly downloads of his podcast

"We all battle impostor syndrome"

Hear The Word On The Street
"I was super scattered with my thoughts, my health and business.  Now I accomplish more than most people do all day in the first hour of my day.  Jeff's program is a repeatable system for consistency."
Dr. Charlie Johnson, PT
Owner, Physical Therapy & Johnson
"The Morning Fire program was life changing, these little habits and tweaks gave me extra time in my day and more energy.  In just 10 weeks I lost 20 pounds by implementing the program daily habits and rituals."
Melanie Warner
Defining Moments Press
"I was struggling with my day to day, my prioritization, my work life balance.  Jeff and his program helped me structure my days, increase my motivation and decrease my anxiety."
Dave Howard
Executive, Global Wind Turbine Manufacturing Company 
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Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat - Ignite Your Morning Fire

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